Digging Deeper on Patreon…

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Bienvenue!

As a child I loved to shock others with the tale that I had been abandoned at birth by gypsies and raised en famille with kindly mice in the crypt of an old church – alas! I was born and raised in the ancient City of York, a Yorkie who lives by the ethos that the world can be put right with either a book, a decent cup of tea or a bar of chocolate.

A dreamer from birth with a taste for history and the irresistible urge to create – by day I’m usually found within my atelier creating ‘Small Worlds’ with the radio blaring out, surrounded by shelves of mice and goblins, baskets of fabric, tubs of paints, the odd pot of glue, stacks of paper, exotic woods and my battered tool box AND usually under the watchful eye of Minnie B – my black feline with cattiude!

However, and as the sun falls on another day and with the messy apron discarded – I go in search of the dead.

For if I’m not thrilled by a bundle of old documents, poring over the details of a tatty burial record or recording an exciting discovery of an elusive ancestor in my old notebook – I will be clad in my distinctive feline boots presenting Death in a Chocolate Box as the Lady Brigante while leading unsuspecting visitors through the snickelways and secret passageways of York and sharing the tales of the illustrious, miscreants, artists, misfits and those ordinary folk who have ALL been lost to history – until now!

I have been asked on more than one occasion how I can move between two very different worlds – one which indulges my passion for creating all things miniature and the other in which I can be found wandering through cemeteries in a quest to wake the dead.

And for me, it’s not a question of ‘why’ but rather ‘why not?’

But WHY Patreon?

Although I love what I do and cannot imagine myself doing anything other than this – I know that in this world of mine that it’s impossible to survive on fresh air with only a diet of hope and the occasional box of donated teabags.

Patreon is a membership site for artists like me and YOUR interest, support AND encouragement makes everything I create worthwhile and as my Patron, you will be invited to cross the portal, step into my world and enjoy some unique rewards including first peeks, exclusive images, anniversary gifts and Etsy discounts AND all with the freedom to cancel or amend your pledge at any time.

As Lewis Carroll once said that “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality” – why not join me and fight this battle together?