Dark Dagger? Common Carpet?

For curious minds who are mindful to eavesdrop on the creative musings from an artist’s atelier or eager to discover the mysteries hidden within the Brigante Vault and the unquiet graveyards with their secrets of the long-forgotten – why not become a Patron of the Lady Brigante and step inside the twilight world of this celebrated miniaturist and storyteller?

Common Carpet

Step inside a Mysterious Twilight World.

Savour Exclusive Patreon Musings.

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YOUR generosity of spirit is noted AND appreciated.

Miller Moth

Read of the Untold Tales from the Brigante Vault.

Unlocked for YOUR eyes only.

Anniversary Gift

Make Haste!


Peek inside the Brigante Atelier

Meet Those Ghostly Creations.

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A Snail Mail GhostGram for YOU!

Autumn. Winter. Spring. Summer.

Curious Much?


A Snail Mail GhostGram from the Long-Forgotten Dead.

Every. Calendar. Month.

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feathered footman

A Snail Mail Missive from the Long-Forgotten Dead.

Exclusive ‘ChocBox’ Tickets à Deux.

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magpie moth

A Brigante Ghostly Tale.

Unearthed from the Hidden Depths of Brigante Chronicles.

Sincerely Yours.

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