The Brigante Tomb Trail

Thirteen! Unlucky for some the legend foretold?

Hark! The strange, peculiar and the intrigued behold!


As All Hallows Eve beckons – Lady Brigante cordially invites the curious, the unsuspecting and those folk partial to a mystery or two on a self-guided adventure hunt through the snickelways and secret passages of the Ancient City of York.

On the eve of Tuesday October 19 2021 – a unique collection of thirteen miniature tombs will depart under the cover of darkness from the atelier of the Lady Brigante and before the cock crows thrice at the advent of dawn – they will be nestled in the windows of York’s city centre emporiums restlessly awaiting discovery.

However, by the eve of The Day of the Dead on Tuesday November 2 2021 – they will ALL have vanished from human sight!

Among the ghosts of an ancient city past

Can be heard the siren song of the long dead aghast.

Alas! The curious must make haste and explore,

Before the spirit of the restless awake and then vanish for evermore!


Beginning at the Visit York Information Centre at 1 Museum Street and with a leaflet in hand – enthusiastic taphophiles are invited to discover the location of the Brigante Tombs, take a photograph and share on social media using the tags:





those tales:

Every Brigante Tomb will feature a unique QR code which will direct the intrepid investigator to a dedicated page of ghostly tales and murderous mayhem here at The Brigante Chronicles.

Cryptic snippets and tantalising imagery will also mysteriously appear ‘twixt day and dusk on this very blog along with those social media channels that our Lady Brigante has been known to frequent!

On the Trail of the Brigante Tombs is wonderfully suited for tombstone tourists of all ages with a taste for the macabre who wish to step back in time and explore York’s most extraordinary history.

Therefore, unearth a Brigante Tomb if you can,

Why not capture on your phone and share the tale?

However, at the place your adventure has now begun,

Leave the dead to their sleep and let kindness prevail.

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