‘Between Two Worlds Life Hovers Like a Star, ‘Twixt Night and Morn… How Little Do We Know That Which We Are!’

Don Juan

“Of All Romances in Miniature – Perhaps This is the Best Shape in Which Romance can Appear” ~ Lord Byron

The Storyteller

Pregnant and suffering from severe sickness, a young mother along with her husband and toddler son are living in a quiet area of York and one chilly February evening – things took a turn for the worse.

As a post mortem examination revealed that Mrs Byrne had died as a result of a brain hemorrhage caused by some kind of mysterious ingested poison – an inquest into her death was opened.

Death in a Chocolate Box

Mrs. Florence Byrne

“As everything in my ‘real’ world becomes crazier with each passing day – I really wish that I could shrink and move to Piccadilly Terrace as a perpetual house guest.

AND preferably with chocolate to enjoy, books to read, NO bills to pay OR any dishes to clean and NO laundry to attend to.”

The Ghost of Piccadilly

Tee Bylo

On a typical Autumnal afternoon – a young woman carrying a tiny infant made her way on foot to a popular crossing separated only by a dual rail track.

Having opened the gate to walk across the path, she paused as a luggage train went past but less than two minutes later, she and the baby were hit by a passenger train – an accident which would have far reaching consequences.

Death in a Chocolate Box

Miss. Mary Bell

The ONLY clear picture history accords Ms Smith is that of her death by poisoning one morning in May.

A scroll though our parish records and census returns have only added to the mystery of WHO Mary was, WHERE she came from and HOW she had managed to live independently well into her sixth decade!

Death in a Chocolate Box

Ms. Mary Smith

One early July morning a young father along with his brother-in-law and nephew went for a spot of fishing on the outskirts of York.

Shortly before midday, a huge storm erupted and they ran for cover under a large bush far from the riverside. However, no sooner had they escaped from the torrential down pour – there was a huge flash of lightening and a crash of thunder…

Death in a Chocolate Box

Mr. Thomas Casper

    Miniaturist by Day. Storyteller by Dusk…
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